Monday, 18 July 2011

Group Health Insurance: Finding Cheap Quotes

Group Health Insurance: Finding Cheap Quotes

When you are in charge of a small or medium-sized business, offering your employees an added incentive for their commitment to your shared business goals can be a fantastic way to improve the longevity and productivity of your staff.

What is Group Health Insurance?

Individual health insurance coverage is significantly more expensive for the consumer than group health insurance policies. Typically, a life insurance company will charge the difference between the premiums and the claims, but there is a unique program available to Canadians where the administration costs is a percentage of claims and a flat monthly fee per employee, which makes it substantially less money than traditional insurance- and it still offers you great coverage.  Ask your group health insurance broker about Ten Star’s Group Plus and discover how you can offer more, for less.

Finding Cheap Group Health Insurance Quotes

When discussing insurance options with your broker, prepare a short list of questions before arriving. Finding a knowledgeable broker with experience dealing with the type of insurance you need can help you in the long run, so remember to take your time when finding the most appropriate broker for your needs.
Offering group health insurance is a wonderful incentive for keeping your currently employees happy, as well as attracting potential candidates for future positions. With today’s economy, many small and medium sized businesses do not believe they can afford health benefits for their employees because they are only aware of traditional benefit plans. Contact Ten Star today for a custom quote!

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