Friday, 2 September 2011

Commercial General Liability Insurance Canada: Stay Protected

Over the course of your day-to-day work, your business operations go full cycle. Unfortunately, your company’s well-being may become at stake in the event of a lawsuit. A lawsuit could devastate a company financially. Even if you win in court and you case is dismissed by the judge, your legal fees could rise to the tens of thousands, or more. Consider how commercial general liability insurance Canada can help cover you!

What does Commercial General Liability Insurance Cover?

If your company becomes involved in a lawsuit by a third-party for bodily injury or property damage which has been caused by your business products or operations, a commercial general liability policy protects your business. By planning ahead and protecting yourself for rainy days while it’s still sunny, you can save your business thousands of dollars and insure the future of your company. Contacting a broker is the first step in determining your liability insurance rates.

Finding Commercial General Liability Insurance Rates

When discussing insurance options with your broker, prepare a short list of questions before arriving. Finding a knowledgeable broker with experience dealing with the type of insurance you need can help you in the long run, so remember to take your time when finding the most appropriate broker for your needs. It is very important that your insurer completely understands your operations so they can stand behind you at the time of a claim. Be sure to thoroughly review your operations with your broker when requesting a quote to insure you receive adequate coverage.

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