Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Insuring Your New Hairdresser Business

Your red, white, and blue striped is still shiny and placed out front where you can see it; your barber shop or hair salon is brand new and open for business! Insurance coverage for any business is important, but did you know that many standard policies do not include appropriate coverage for your unique business?
Items like professional liability or situations where your stylists rent your chairs may not be included. You should also consider your inventory and equipment when arranging for your hair salon insurance policy. After building up your business to where it is today, you could end up back at square one if your inventory or equipment was damaged or destroyed in Canada. Having the appropriate hair salon insurance coverage for your Canadian business would allow you to make a claim on your insurance policy should anything get lost, destroyed, or damaged, even when it is transit to you from a wholesaler or supplier.

If you own a hair salon business then you need to make sure all your angles are covered by getting the appropriate coverage. Finding a specialist insurance company is the best first step. Insurance brokers who offer specialized rates for your type of business will have the required experience to get you tailored coverage for your situation and at the best rates.

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